Central Management Podcast | Radhika Palta

A podcast for healthcare’s middle managers

Radhika Palta had to call the metaphorical fire department to help fight a fire in her first week on a new job.

Middle management is in a golden age. But it’s harder than ever to be a middle manager. Central Management is stories, tips, and wisdom to make it easier to be better.

Central Management is made possible by Status:Go

Status:Go is a technology implementation partner for healthcare delivery provider organizations. Learn about our work at CentralManagement.work.

This week’s guest on the Central Management podcast is Radhika Palta, administrative director for the surgery department of a West Coast academic medical center.

“Most of the time, I think, your success is how you deal with the outcome of the really challenging stuff that you go through.”

The highlights of our discussion:

4:30 — Radhika introduces the story of her first week on a new job and the near meltdown that met her

7:20 — Details of the drama!

8:20 — Of course, she almost quit

11:10 — A plan comes to light!

12:40 — Of course, she didn’t quit, and tells us why

14:00 — Radhika recounts the steps she took to begin solving the problem

17:10 — The solution!

19:00 — In summary, lessons learned

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