WORDS: “Galapagos Effect”

Robert Fabricant, for your consideration:

The health-care industry in this country has suffered hugely from the Galapagos Effect. It has evolved its own ecosystem and business practices that reflect this isolation. This can be seen in every link in the value chain, as consumption and payment are completely disassociated in this country. Health care has evolved in isolation from many of the forces that have re-shaped other industries in recent years. This isolation is readily apparent to each of us whenever we step into a doctor’s office or hospital waiting room.

Despite their best efforts, industry leaders continue to betray an outdated, manufacturing mindset, referring to everything that has impact in the field–that touches communities and provides real human value–as “delivery.” This one-way model of engagement is truly shocking in an age dominated by communications technologies and connectivity. Health is not ‘delivered’ to people. It relies on active engagement and participation. It is a dialogue.

WORDS: “hypochondriac’s paradise”

Chris Ayres:

If you can afford a decent health insurance plan, America is a hypochondriac’s paradise — seeing a specialist requires little more advance planning than buying a ham sandwich, very few doctors say no to writing a prescription and because money talks so loudly here, this is where the very latest technologies and procedures tend to be developed.