A planning tool to help healthcare organizations get started on the next project

Healthcare delivery’s competitive, regulatory, and operating environments are in constant transition. The result is constant change to how the work of healthcare delivery gets done. So it’s no wonder that leaders in these organizations are identifying project needs to keep up with change of continuing industry transformation.

Knowing that progress in today’s organizations requires crossing boundaries, navigating bureaucracy, and collaborating with multiple partners, it can be difficult to even get needed projects started, let alone implemented.

We’ve heard the frustration. It sounds like this: “We need to break down silos.” “We need to be innovative.” “We need to move faster.” “We need to make better decisions.”

And: “How can we get started quickly?”

That’s why we created the Project Building Blocks framework. Click here to download.

Over the past five years, Status:Go has developed the Project Building Blocks framework to help clients navigate answers to these difficult questions.

Healthcare leaders require a way to capture the complexity of a project while simultaneously identifying a path toward execution. An approach that embraces the value of planning while acknowledging urgent timelines require faster responses than organizations have become accustomed to.

Our customers use the Project Building Blocks framework to launch new programs, improve departmental operations, and deploy innovative technology solutions — all while relying on projects.

The Project Building Blocks uses the details of a proposed project to tell a story. That story captures the vision of the project while illuminating the details necessary for successful implementation.

A completed Project Building Blocks framework creates a broad, shared understanding for those involved in the project; serving as a map to execute any project.

​The framework was designed to be used by anyone and our team is here to help. Reach out to us for advice on completing this framework or executing a project at your organization.

Download the Project Building Blocks here.

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