Plea: Commit to Simplicity!

A collection of collections from across the internet, health care related, during the previous week, and worth reading/viewing/listening.

Hippocratic-type oath for health care managers? / improved (has it even started?) hospital board trustee certification (education) would be good, too / knowing the operation would improve the “double down” conversation

search, like Wolfram Alpha, is going to do some great things for the practice of medicine / so will Google Wave for the art of communication in health care setting, enjoy the preview, Dr. Jay gets it, a few more resources / something like Get Satisfaction would be neat in health care, let an organization’s best patients share what they know

keep on an eye on the Innovation Learning Network, a community of innovative hospitals sharing with each other / do CEOs matter? / what is this failure-of-hospital-management apologist talking about? / speaking of failure, evidently there’s been an abundance of it in innovation during the last decade and health/medicine/science seems to be the culprit / real-time decision making should be a goal, especially in the world of health care bureaucracy

these folks mapped the most secretive country in the world, imagine what they can do/will do/are doing in your hospital / omnipresent: transparency, embrace it, period / here’s a solution to rising costs: elder care abroad / since more people may need government assistance

unrelenting improvement of the workforce should be the raison d’etre of an organization / doctors spend time on paperwork, shouldn’t they? / analysis of the original hawthorne effect study uncovers a lessening effect / improve your hiring process, ignore the interview /

at least one person likes the new building trend of single bed hospital rooms / the NHS is preparing for a female majority doctorforce / figuring out insurance benefits is extremely complex, though don’t place all the blame on the payers / it seems a commitment to simplicity would be a strategic advantage / actually here’s a plea: commit to simplicity!

AND/OR/POSTSCRIPT: God gets his health care at Mayo / Doogie Howser’s journal is now in blog format / health insurers own stock in Big Tobacco

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