42. Green = Go

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Organizations need people who are always moving, always on the go.  The type of people who drive the long way to a destination because the short way means waiting in traffic.  Always need to be moving.

Moving means progress.  Granted, the wheels are going to spin at times.  It might even mean it takes a little longer to get where they’re going.  But this is for certain: once they reach an endpoint they begin their search for the next.

Now is a time for action.

Hospitals are looking for ways to decrease costs, to be more efficient, to utilize resources more effectively.  During a time when “all is fair game” the possibilities are limitless if the barriers are removed.  Let the folks who like to move, move faster.  More at bats gives the organization more opportunities to find success (that from Tom Peters).  Try lots of potential solutions in semi-controlled environments.  If it works, spread it.  If not, scrap it.  From the Institute for Healthcare Improvement:

An important tool in creating a successful pilot and spreading change throughout an organization is rapid-cycle testing. Rapid-cycle testing allows organizations to test and refine ideas quickly and on a small scale.

As Tom Peters says, and as rapid-cycle testing allows, “Ready. Fire. Aim.”  Start trying.  Go!

Principle #42: We’ll empower our workforce to start testing and encourage them to not cease.  Enjoy the day of celebration. Believe it or not, the day means something.

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