Health care as a campaign issue

A terrific article in The Boston Globe over the weekend on health care as a campaign issue:

Healthcare is the sharp end of the stick of nearly every issue in the presidential campaign. And it has been for almost two decades.

Much of the health care debate focuses on the uninsured.  But increasingly the insured are having issues as well:

But what of the people who are insured, the ones who are trying to navigate through the red tape and the bureaucracy, the ones who fill out the forms and check all the boxes and scope out which providers are covered under which plans, the people whom the healthcare wonks call “the worried well”? For many of them, healthcare also means gasoline as well as pills, a T schedule as well as a prescription.

Widespread transformation efforts will begin when the majority of people in this country begin to realize that their health care system is on shaky ground.  Until then it’s a macro problem affecting everyone else.

One thought on “Health care as a campaign issue

  1. Yes, healthcare is on most people’s minds, and if it isn’t, it should be. With rising premiums, increased copays and more restrictions on which doctors can be seen and why, even the insured are challenged. Granted, there is no healthcare utopia, but many industrialized countries are doing it better than the US at an astronomically reduced cost.


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