Reality: this world requires talent not only to succeed but to survive.

Tom Peters: “We are all in the Talent Business … as much as Hollywood or Broadway or pro sports.”

Aside from giving away vacations and signing bonuses for agreeing to work for an organization, what are hospitals doing to acquire talent? Doctor shortages. Nurse shortages. Med tech shortages. The continuously shifting environment that we all try to operate in. It is not easy. At all. On top of that, we compete with non-health care organizations for the best people.

There are some great organizations doing some amazing things to get the best people. Zappos (the shoe + other things company) pays new recruits $1000 to leave a week after they start. Truth. Why? They believe that if a new employee takes the offer he or she doesn’t have the commitment required to work for their organization. Think about that culture. Think about the pressure levied by fellow employees not to accept the offer. Read about it at Mavericks at Work.

What is your organization doing to recruit talent?

What is the message your job listing site is sending potential recruits? Try to search for a job at almost any hospital website. It is not a pleasant experience. The interface is awful. Information is diffuse. Job titles are difficult to comprehend. Trying to figure out what to search for and where to search for it takes an immense amount of time. And then potential employees are forced to fill out an online application that can be difficult to understand—not to mention the fact that some of the information required is irrelevant.

Needless to say, I was quite excited when I stumbled upon the Henry Ford West Bloomfield job site. Often job sites have an obligatory “Find Your Dream Job” or “Pursue Your Passion” message on the front page to inspire job seekers before sending them on a voyage. HF West Bloomfield actually means it (I think, no tests yet). A job seeker can do the traditional search or they allow a person to: CREATE YOUR DREAM JOB! What a concept! Here is what the site says:

What’s your dream job? Is it flexible hours? The opportunity for growth? An office with a window? Whatever your dream may be, we want to hear it.

Why? Because the best way to attract the most qualified talent is to give them what they want. But first, we need to know what that is. So tell us. Use the space below to describe your idea of the perfect job.

Whether it’s compensation for continuing education or having the best cappuccino readily available, no detail is too small.

The maverick job seeker then writes on ideals of the job: ideal title, ideal responsibilities, ideal job description, and how you would improve health care.

Great idea. I think it will translate into great people. Can your organization best their effort?