The first of many…

With traditional revenue sources tightening hospitals are looking for new markets.  Example given (somewhat under the radar):

The Cleveland health-care giant today announced a new partnership with MinuteClinic, which runs walk-in medical practices inside CVS Pharmacy stores.

Under the multiyear deal, the Cleveland Clinic will provide medical supervision for MinuteClinic’s nine Northeast Ohio locations, including a site that recently opened in the FirstMerit Tower building on South Main Street in Akron. (Akron Beacon Journal)

Some hospitals have tried retail clinics of their own lending credibility to the value proposition (if hospitals are doing it, it must be worth the risk, right?).  This partnership gives MinuteClinic local brand strength, it gives the Cleveland Clinic a new market, and it gives patients access to convenient health care.

Win/win/win in my book.  Except that the model has shown not to lower costs.  Can’t win ’em all.