In: The Oracle

Warren Buffett:

To be a successful investor, you don’t need to understand higher math or law. It’s simple, but not easy. You do have to have an emotional stability that will take you through almost anything. If you have 150 IQ, sell 30 points to someone else. You need to be smart, but not a genius. What’s most important is inner peace; you have to be able to think for yourself. It’s not a complicated game.

Seems like a good management thought, too.

Quotable: George Halvorson

From Jay Parkinson M.D.:

Financing reform without care delivery reform would be a major operational and economic error. Care delivery in the U.S. is uncoordinated, unfocused, inconsistent, unmeasured, extremely inefficient, perversely incented, excessively expensive and sometimes dangerous. Health care delivery is, however, the fastest growing and most profitable segment of the whole U.S. economy.

George Halvorson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente