Reducing hospital-acquired infections through innovation

Hospital-acquired infections continue to get attention as payers stop paying for care resulting from mistakes.

Needless to say, the market for products to make hospitals cleaner has grown (and will continue to do so) as a result.  Ecolab, a Minnesota-based company focused on clean, recently released an intriguing product.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

This week, St. Paul-based Ecolab introduced a preoperative antiseptic bathing kit that lets patients sterilize their bodies before undergoing the knife.

The kits, which contain a 4-ounce bottle of chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) skin disinfectant, two wrapped washcloths and cleaning instructions, are expected to help hospitals cut down on the alarming number of surgery-related infections.

Hospitals are looking for help in reducing hospital-acquired infections.  Their interest is strengthening as mistakes become financially straining.  Companies like Ecolab are essential to the process of making health care safer.