A new normal

Some say that our economy is on its way to a slow recovery.  Well that’s good.  But are we returning to?  How it was before we knew that geeks with formulas were messing with assumptions of risk?  Likely not (help us, please!).  But memories are short

influx asks:

What happens if instead of waiting for normality to return, we are lurching forward towards a new normal that looks nothing like the old one?

Have you thought about that?  The reality of this stuff is staggering (and impactful on already-faltering business models).

influx continues:

The future is not about producing less or more of what you currently make or do, but re-thinking it all.

Now is the time to discover and imagine what those new things could be and there’s probably never been a better time to do this. Across whole categories people are applying a very critical eye and filter to determine what’s wrong and excessive and what feels precisely right.

Familiar concepts like price, value and quality are all in the process of being re-defined and re-thought.

Simply assuming the same old rules apply is naive and misguided. Every single brand should be out there learning and trying to work out what can make them relevant for this new future. For anyone involved in thinking strategically and/or creatively about these challenges, these should be very exciting times.