Vacation Plans: The National Health Museum?

The Miami Herald:

Atlanta has been selected over Washington and other cities as the site of a $250 million National Health Museum designed to teach visitors about healthier living and serve as a stage for international health events.

My hope is that their healthy living programming will reach nationwide, not just those who visit in Atlanta.

I also have slight objections to museum-ization of the topic.  Is the health of the people in this country really worth exhibiting?

The museum will incorporate a conference facility of some sort along with installations like:

A ”Move” zone, for instance, will focus on how the human body works and how exercise and activity is important, for instance. A ”Connect” zone will show how everyone’s health is connected around the globe.

Most of the funds raised will be done so privately.

Pardon the realism, but wouldn’t multiple less-expensive healthy living centers located around the country do more to impact health in the U.S. than a centralized shrine to our health breakthroughs?