Presentation Season

The MHA world is entering the presentation season again.  Here’s last year’s reaction.  Here’s this year’s proaction courtesy of Seth.

Best Point: Don’t use PowerPoint at all.

Best Articulation:

Here’s the deal: You should have to put $5 into the coffee fund for every single word on the wordiest slide in your deck. 400 words costs $2000. If that were true, would you use fewer words? A lot fewer? I’ve said this before, but I need to try again: words belong in memos. Powerpoint is for ideas. If you have bullets, please, please, please only use one word in each bullet. Two if you have to. Three never.

How to be a Mentee

As a young, aspiring health care professional, finding a mentor could be a major boon to your career. Not to mention the benefits of being able to discuss health care issues with a real, live health care administrator.

Anyway, once you get that out of the way, Ben Casnocha (a real successful young entrepreneur) offers several tips on proper mentee decorum.

A Helpful Website

Are you interested in pursuing a Master in Health Administration (MHA) or MHSA, or a MBA with a health care focus (as you can see there are a few different names for a degree to become an administrator in a health services organization)?

A great place to start is this website. It is a very extensive listing of health administration programs. Start exploring. And if you have any related questions email me, I’ll give you my thoughts.