The Emergency Department Experience: Redux

Yesterday I expressed the need to improve/master the emergency department experience for the patient.  And I completely believe that.

It can be easy to express ideals on a blog.  In fact, I do it weekly on purpose (see 1001 Principles).  But it also can be easy to forget the realities of every day health care.  So today when Kevin MD posted link after link after link of E.D. related challenges, it was a subtle, but necessary, reality check.

Read about a day not many would choose to endure.

Read about trying to match supply and demand.

Read about being unappreciated.  And being OK with it because it’s your job.

I’m still “all in” on the need for a great E.D. experience.  I’m still “all in” on ideals.  Ideals are important.  But so is reality.  And I would suppose the best doctors, the best managers, the best organizations are constantly trying to find that balance.