SimHealthCare (plus some reform links)

Health care reform heated up over the weekend, here’s a rundown of both the Senate and House proposals; Democrats generally seem to be in agreement; Republicans not so much; President Obama’s call for action was met with angry tweets (one, two) from Senator Chuck Grassley’s mercurial Twitter stream.

All of that serious stuff aside, the question is will the new plan work?  And if not, what would?  Using a point from Noah as inspiration, Robin comes up with a really cool idea (especially for those of us who enjoyed the Sim series growing up, or still do…):

Or how about some kind of bifurcated simulation: SimHealthCareSystemAndIndividual. One side’s macro, the other’s micro. You play both, and see how decisions on one side affect the other. I like the sound of that, actually. The trick with any social simulation is that, inevitably, the way you design it says a lot about how you view the world. So the micro/macro sim would play up that tension; the models might even be designed to sort of “fight” each other. SimBourgeoisAndProletariat.

That would be fun.  Also educational: we could find out what iteration of our “health care system” works best *and* improve stakeholders’ orientation of micro decisions on the macro environment.

Is it possible to have fun in a health care workplace?

Two things leading to this: 1) a class discussion this week about whether or not it’s possible to have “fun” in the health care workplace (like Southwest Airlines or Zappos); 2) a presentation the following day proving that it is, in fact (and in the correct context), possible:

Here’s an explanation on why they were enjoying themselves so vociferously.