Well, it got here a whole lot quicker than expected (hmm…).  I’m going to dedicate my usual blogging time (as if I’ve had much of it recently anyway) to standing in line in the early A.M. at the polling location in Battle Ground, USA.  No links to health care plans today, we all have many important issues to consider.  No endorsements either, for in the words of one astute political observer (Hi, Dad), “We’ll have to work with the winners either way.”

Get off your RSS reader, get off this website: Go VOTE!

Back in Ohio (and real life)

I was met with some interesting poll results as I arrived back in the political hotbed of Ohio.

The Columbus Dispatch conducted a recent poll that found:

Fifty-six percent in a Dispatch Poll say expanded health care accompanied by higher taxes is preferable to lower taxes with fewer people covered.

That’s intriguing because another recent poll has John McCain leading Barack Obama—the candidate most likely to introduce more government intervention into health care.

That same poll concluded this: “On health care, 65 percent of respondents said they support providing it for all Americans, even if it means raising taxes.”

It’s more evidence that health care continues to fall in issues of priority in this election.