An ode to projects

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Projects are how organizations change.

A project is a temporary endeavor to produce something. Something that produces a tangible change in the way an organization does something.

The more projects an organization starts and finishes, the more change that is produced.

Demands on today’s healthcare delivery providers are marked by shifting external forces, rapid technology adoption, required cross-function collaboration, pursuit of new competencies, known knowns, unknown knowns, yes — even unknown unknowns, and probably a few others.

It’s a foggy future. Projects are how organizations navigate to it.

Projects are how an organization creates, how an organization adapts, how an organization eliminates. David Cleland, hailed as the father of project management, said it well, “Projects provide an organizational focus for conceptualizing, designing, and creating new or improving products, services, and organizational processes.”


Projects are how an organization gets things done. Projects are how an organization executes. Projects are how an organization transforms.

Projects are the most important pursuit of every healthcare delivery organization.

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