Unhealthiness has become part of everyday life.

Unhealthiness, as a relative public, has become part of everyday life. It often is the path of least resistance. This is not because of laziness or lack of willpower but because the pursuit of unhealthy behaviors has become so easy. Unhealthiness isn’t a choice any longer. It just exists.

Health is a choice.

It didn’t used to be this way.

We sit while we work. We watch hours of television. We drive from one side of town to the other, and back. We eat foodstuffs our ancestors wouldn’t recognize as sustenance.

And the reason we do these things isn’t because we set out each day to do them. It’s because it has become part of culture, part of our day, part of living. Prior to the present, we sat less at work, we watched fewer hours of television, we drove less, and we ate healthier food.

Choosing to be healthy has become the failure point. Our willpower tanks empty too quickly. Our habits and routines are difficult to alter. Until healthy living becomes a part of everyday living as it once was, health outcomes evident of a healthy society will continue to be elusive.

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