News bandits.

Did you see that weird bit of news last week where some folks were buying all the copies of a local weekly they could get their hands on? Here’s an update via HISTalk:

Two small Long Island weekly newspapers are baffled when all available copies are quickly bought up from vending machines and newsstands, with at least two teams of people grabbing all available copies at or above the cover price. Based on the overlapping stories in both papers, the newspaper strongly suspects friends of a local doctor who was charged with Medicare fraud were trying to keep the story quiet. Jesse Stoff MD was arrested for giving kickbacks to patients after billing Medicare for unnecessary services. He billed Medicare more than $800,000 in one month, tipping the feds off to run a sting operation in which an undercover agent was paid $300 for five visits. The money was delivered in a “kickback room” with a Soviet-style poster warning patients not to talk about the scheme.

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