John Winsor posted (Achieving Perfection) the image above and the paragraphs below:

The advertising industry has gotten caught in a cycle of adding more. More headcount. More practices. More agencies. More stuff. More costs. It’s easy to see how we got here. It’s how the industry is compensated. The bigger you are the more money you make.

But what happened if we instead took Saint Exuprey’s advice to heart? Today’s technology allows us to create great advertising without all of the overhead we’ve had in the past. (A Gigabyte of memory cost $12,000 in 1909 and now costs $.05.)

Maybe instead of adding more to create advertising we should all think about taking as much as we can away. How can we take away time, money, and headcount?

Think, for a moment, about how healthcare solves problems. Have we ever taken anything away? Have we ever found a reduction in what we do to be the preferred (and not forced) solution?

Doubtful. It’s difficult, anyway, to come up with an example.

And it strikes me. Because we add items to the to-do lists every day. We create new policies, new procedures, new requirements, new forms. New. New. Occasionally recycled. New.

How often do we take away? Could we take away?

Should we take away?

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