Healthcare Evolution 2020

Ogilvy CommonHealth made seven predictions in a report about how digitally mediated healthcare will evolve by 2020. You can read about it here and receive the entire report if you scroll to the bottom and send an email to someone.

All in all, pretty safe bets–most of which will not require the nine years between now and 2020 to evolve into reality. Except for the last one. But for someone who works in healthcare, these are all very exciting propositions–and I certainly hope they won’t require nine years to come about.

  1. Exhaustive Behavioural Targeting Transforms Health Messaging.
  2. “Auto-Triage” Aids More Efficient Care.
  3. Supermarkets Become Centers For Healthcare.
  4. Personalized Videos Bring Diseases To Life.
  5. Health Tourism Becomes Mainstream.
  6. Gaming Connects Patients & Changes Lifestyles.
  7. Communication Enabled Through The Power Of The Mind.

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