You don’t need a patient satisfaction survey other than HCAHPS

Situation: since the advent of the compulsory use of the HCAHPS patient experience survey by CMS, your organization has been sending out two different patient satisfaction surveys: 1) HCAHPS and 2) Press-Ganey/Gallup/NRCPicker

Reality: the only survey that will determine future reimbursement is HCAHPS; the other is a nice-to-have that could be considered a broader assessment of patient satisfaction but in all likelihood is just creating competing improvement priorities; the above mentioned vendors are in full convincement mode to help you understand why two surveys are better than one

Response: up your sampling percentage for HCAHPS surveys, drop the unnecessary second vendor-survey, pocket a portion of the savings, and use the remaining dollars to create a patient insights department of one or two people to conduct ongoing patient insight panels and individual experience assessment/improvement opportunity phone calls

Result: your HCAHPS scores will improve, you’ll save a few dollars, and you will better understand your patient experience improvement opportunities

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