Chris Anderson’s talk on the power that online video holds is well worth your time. Even if your work/hobbies have nothing to do with online video–because by the end of the talk, you will think very differently. Healthcare included.

Two related links for your further digestion. First, Ethan Zuckerman writes about an Eric von Hippel talk on user innovation and this intriguing finding, “there’s 2-3 times more innovation from consumers than there is from the industry.” User innovation in healthcare certainly exists and I think it’s an area that continues to grow.

Second, a Slate article looks at creative pairs–relationships that were once thought of as a lone, creative genius. Here is the hook, “The shift in understanding creativity is well underway. The stereotypes of miraculous breakthrough moments—and the incessant drive to locate them in the head of epic individuals—are slowly yielding to a portrait of complex, meandering, inherently social paths toward innovation.”

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