“Welcome to America’s customer service war”

Ed Cotton:

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to America’s customer service war. 

This is a war that’s been going on for years and there are various root causes.

1. Companies have cut service down to the bone.

2. They don’t pay good salaries for front line service positions

3. For many, benefits and pensions have been cut or don’t exist, especially in airlines

4. Consumers have gotten used to self-service technology that provides rapid response

5. Outsourcing has ended up being a huge cost saver, but has ended up frustrating consumers

6. Service level employees don’t get the respect they deserve from the top and they have no pride in their job

7. Customers have no rules to go by and therefore go for the lowest common denominator- rage…

While genius brand communicators try hard to create breakthrough ideas in an attention challenged world, if their work and vision can’t be supported on the front line, what’s the point?

Exactly. No further comment necessary.

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