Choose Your Battles

A lesson in battle selection.

While no expert, I understand actuarial science. I’m familiar with the concept of an “uninsurable risk.” I’m even aware of the difficulties with interpreting congressional legislation.

But a concept I’m completely unfamiliar with is why a health insurance company would want to stage its first fight of healthcare reform against kids.

The New York Times reports some health insurance companies are getting technical with bill language in the provision of coverage for kids with pre-existing conditions. Say they about a supposed loophole: just because we’re required to cover pre-existing conditions for kids in newly issued plans doesn’t mean we actually have to offer insurance.

Here’s where it would be good to become familiar with the concept of “guaranteed issue.”

There’s a lot at stake here. But it seems detrimental to your cause to target the only group that the most engaged voting bloc cares more about than themselves: their grandkids.

There are plenty of battles to be fought as reform is implemented; none of them should be against kids–especially in a bill that some say is a handout to insurers.

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