Saying sorry makes the recipient feel better

Apologizing is good.  Glad healthcare is doing more of it:

8. Turns out, saying you’re sorry really is important—and not just to discussed at the Child Psychology Research Blog found that receiving an apology makes the recipient feel better by affecting his or her perception of the wrongdoer’s emotions. In other words, people who received an apology felt better afterward because the apology indicated that the other person felt bad about what he or she did.  Sounds simple enough, but the researchers think it goes a bit deeper: knowing that the other person agrees that what he/she did was the wrong thing to do reaffirms our view of the world as just and predictable, since the other’s sadness tells us that people in general don’t do things like this. Whether that explanation is true or not, just suck it up and say you’re sorry.

From Ten Psychology Studies From 2009 Worth Knowing About

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