Healthcare (knowledge) worker shortage

Wired tells us that Toyota is trying to build nurse robots.  The problem, as we face to a lesser extent in the U.S., is Japan’s aging population and low birth rate resulting in a shortage of nurses.  The company is working on building robots to take care of the elderly inside the hospital and out.

Nursing shortage solved, let’s move onto the next one: knowledge workers.  Nine Shift writes:

By 2015 we will have a shortage of 14 million knowledge workers, and society will be desperate for college educated professionals.

We’ll have nurse robots but no one to watch over them.  Feels very sci-fi.

Joking aside, talent makes the world go round.  And a lack of it will be problematic for healthcare, too.  Especially as we transition from (more) intervention care to relationship care (wellness support, lifestyle changes, etc.).

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