I think the reason a lot of hospitals struggle with implementing a full-scale quality program is that the individuals in the organization have a real problem with admitting there’s a quality problem.

“We’re pretty good." The enemy of excellence.

The first step in improvement is agreeing upon the problem (defining it).  It’s impossible to even make that first step when an organization is blinded by its perceived goodness.

That’s what makes the new Domino’s Pizza commercial so outstanding (extended version above) and a potentially terrific example of admitting a problem.  From Slate:

Domino’s is a different story. The brand had no pressing need to publicly kick itself in the ass. And yet it chose to…

I’m not talking about politely phrased critiques. Viscerally suggestive words like cardboard andketchup are employed to describe the taste of Domino’s pizza. Again: In a Domino’s ad. It’s startling when you first see the spot on TV.

Sure, it’s an advertising tactic.  But I’d argue that persuasion, and in this form a shockingly honest assessment, is exactly what a hospital with pretty good quality needs.

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