Going Mobile

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday break offered you just that. I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing web-related, something I’ve noticed that is needed every now and again.

Getting back to things, PSFK notes:

… mobile phone giant Vodafone is launching a Mobile Health Care Unit which will work with pharmaceutical companies and government organizations to develop health care services that use mobile phone technology. The new Unit will partner with health care professionals to generate insights into the needs of health care professionals and their patients.

I continue to be amazed at the number of physicians I see using iPhones, though I probably shouldn’t be.  It’s neat to think about a mobile healthcare world and there have been lots of good people doing good work in this area.  But it’s neat to see big companies getting into the game, too.  For better or worse, big names have more cachet in board rooms.  It hopefully will bring more attention to the power of mobile to the big health care outfits.  Though Vodafone seems interested in providing services to “people in under-resourced, geographically dispersed communities,” I’m unsure we can look at many front-line healthcare providers as being “over-resourced."  Or, if so, they may be the wrong resources.

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