Show this chart to your executive team today as an early Halloween scare.

Bill Petti linked to the SEED article from where it comes.  His commentary nails the issue:

As more and more people become creators of content it will become increasingly difficult for organizations of all kinds to control their messaging and their brand.  Provide a bad customer experience and it will be on facebook, immediately broadcast to hundreds if not thousands of people.  Discriminate against someone because of their race or sexual orientation and they will tweet about it, likely prompting dozens of re-tweets which allows the issue to reach exponentially more people, who then might blog about it, and so on, and so on.  Organizations are already finding it hard to control their brand, imagine when the number of authors increases 10 fold (which, according to SEED, will now happen yearly). … Additionally, organizations will need to invest more heavily in their own networks and crowds to help combat negative content (whether true or false).

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