If health care taught Health Care 101, what would it teach?

Ed Cotton at influx writes of a coffee shop (Intelligentsia Coffee) that has set-up a “lab” in NYC to teach people about coffee.  He then asks a stop-you-in-your-tracks question:

If your brand was to educate people, what would it teach them?

Oh gosh, my mind is flowing with possibilities.  An educated patient would be an informed patient.  An informed patient would make informed decisions.  Could you imagine such a health care world?

Ten topics (how many do you think there could be? 1000s?) that come to mind in a morning brainstorm:

  1. How to make health care decisions as a patient (it would be a year long course)
  2. What health care costs and why
  3. How health insurance works (or doesn’t…)
  4. How health care is paid for (all dollars flow from households…)
  5. How doctors are paid
  6. How hospitals are paid
  7. The complicated (and at times contradictory) relationships of involved stakeholders
  8. The art of medicine
  9. New approaches to delivering medicine
  10. How health care is delivered in the rest of the world

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