Health is a game

Jane is a game designer and concussed herself while writing a book (update: that reads funny, she actually concussed herself when she hit her head on a cabinet door, fluke).  The recovery became agonizing.  So she created a real world game:

SuperBetter is a superhero-themed game that turns getting better into a multi-player adventure. It’s designed to help anyone recovering from an injury, or coping with a chronic condition, get better, sooner – with more fun, and with less pain and misery, along the way.

The game starts with five missions. You’re encouraged to do at least one mission a day, so that you’ve successfully completed them all in less than a week. Of course, you can move through them even faster if you feel up to it.

Pointer via Robin who has an intriguing thought on the paradigm shift in health (or life, which health is the largest component, imo) that could be afoot.

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