Premium: $30,803

Drew Altman of KFF:

On the other hand, if we assume increases revert to the average of the last ten years—an average annual increase of about 8.7% and a very plausible scenario—premiums in 2019 will average a whopping $30,803, a very scary number.

Here’s a less-than-bold prognostication: it can’t get that high, just can’t.  The cost of health care is not well known to individuals because of our payment system, but $30,803 is a lot of health care.  We’ll have far surpassed some sort of Laffer Curve optimum of individuals’ willingness to actually be insured.

It’s fun (not really, but it is optimism) to think of drop-dead points in the future where things just can’t go on any longer than they have.  An average premium of $30,803 in 2019 is one of them.  Hopefully we hit a wall much sooner…or do something proactive.

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