Health Care Should Be designed with you

A new project for your participation!

Health Care Should Be:

This is a collaborative effort in discovering ideas to improve the parts that make up health care delivery (the whole).

American medicine is good, very good. But it’s only a part of the health care experience.

Talk to almost anyone who has encountered the health care system and you’re likely to find a past disappointing experience. It might have been a lack of parking. Or getting lost navigating the hallway. Or a poor interaction with a nurse or doctor. Or an incredibly long wait. Or trouble getting your PHR to interact with the hospital’s EMR… (okay, so predicting future problems is a part of this project too).

Every day a lot of people go to work to improve health care. But there’s something lacking in the approach: the opinion of the patient.

This project in reimagination is a collaborative one. An effort, if you will, to describe a health care utopia. Share your personal opinions. Or a link to an article describing an improved registration process. Or a superior customer service story from a retailer. Or an image of a product that should be used. Or embed video of technology that could be implemented. Or a quote to provide perspective.

The information here provides only a frame for your suggestions. Don’t hold back. Share anything you feel is important, relevant, or worth pursuing. Share as much as you want, can, and/or need.
The end goal of this project, at some point in the possible future, is to implement these ideas.

Go! Now! Share!

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