Let the designers handle health reform

Consider the success of all reform efforts up to this point before you write this off as “creative mumbo-jumbo” or something of the sort:

The current emotional uproar has revealed that the debate over health care is about much more than mere economics alone. To be certain, much of the positioning relates to financial exposure. But when you listen to the town hall meetings, you hear the debate is supercharged with emotion. Understanding those emotional needs of the various stakeholder constituencies is what will make it possible for designers to design positive experiences from process, financial, and emotional perspectives.

By employing a full designer’s toolkit of methodologies, designers would understand and analyze our health care system and arrive at insightful solutions that go beyond logistics and economics. (Fast Company)

The reform conversation is going to continue to spiral until believable emotional refutations are constructed to combat emotional beliefs.  Only then will we be able to move onto rational discussions with those who are actually interested in discussing.  The majority of Americans will happily exclude those who are for nothing but a single-payer system or a completely free-market approach.  There is success to be found in the middle…with designers.  Sign me up.

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