Stop your screaming…

This is embarrassing.  Whatever your allegiances and opinions politically, this is no way to go about a debate.  Screams and chants and physicality in a public forum is irresponsible. This lack of civility is doing nothing for our need to have constructive discussion surrounding the issue.  There’s a real chance that a health care bill will get through Congress no matter how loud some people scream.  And when people start screaming, it’s difficult and uncomfortable for others to listen.  So if there is an actual point to your impassioned tantrum the people who need to hear it (the fence sitters), won’t (aren’t).

If you don’t think that the current reform proposal will solve these problems, then fine.  I’m not convinced myself.  But can we at least go about this in a constructive manner?  Please?

(Maybe I should reassess my naiveté…)

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