(Good/The Right) Education Matters

Organizations (especially those in health care where high-priced, educated talent is required for existence and continued operation) who are able to leverage this reality by building internal, comprehensive education opportunities will win.  Talent = everything.  Education programs created by the organization to complement workers’ skills and abilities will help build and reinforce the culture necessary to create tomorrow’s (today’s? yesterday’s?) health care delivery system.

As I write this, Google is putting every book ever written online. Apple is offering video college lectures for free download through its iTunes software. Skype allows free videoconferencing anywhere in the world. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many other schools have made course materials available for free on their Web sites. Tutors cost as little as $15 an hour. Today’s student who decides to learn at 1 a.m. should be doing it by 1:30. A process that makes him wait 18 months is not an education system. It’s a barrier to education. (Jack Hough, MSN Money)

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