The internet, again, changes everything; the coming health care battle

Up to now, the debates/ideas/plans for health care reform have been mostly cordial.  There’s been some give and take, even chatter about compromise and bi-partisan support.

But, and this is a big but, if the debate is fortunate enough to move closer to an actual vote, the battle for support (read: Congressional votes) between the traditional “big guys” (pharma, AMA, insurance companies) and the now internet/community empowered little guys (individuals, activists, smaller special interest groups) will be excitingly interesting on the premise that the internet changes everything.  We’ve all learned that financial resources mean very little on the internet.  The virility of a production is most important.

From Boing Boing contributor Adam:

Online petitions are a dime a dozen these days — it takes something special for the citizens to break through and get the attention of politicians. The folks at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (founded by Reddit co-inventor Aaron Swartz and former folks) may have found it. Today, they unveiled featuring a new TV ad that you can sign — which will then be aired in Washington DC on MSNBC, CNN, and the Daily Show. It contrasts the 76% of Americans who support President Obama’s proposed public health insurance option with the insurance interests who oppose it and have given Democratic senators $80 million. It asks those senators to pick a side. You can sign your name as a member of the 76%, and names will be continually rotated into the actual ad aired on TV. Pretty innovative. Check it out.

Will such efforts be enough to overcome Harry-and-Louise-like campaigns (or the requisite advances thereof)?  Could be an intriguing health care reform side story.

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