Plea: Pursue Perfection

A collection of collections from across the internet, health care related, during the previous week, and worth reading/viewing/listening.

Dr. Atul Gawande admits to medicine’s role in our economic troubles and praises the power of positive deviancy to rectify the situation / some high-powered, done it right CEOs offer ideas to reform health care (ideas that even have teeth; e.g., “Regionalize high-cost, resource-intensive services under Medicare.”) / hospitals (taking a cue from the airlines?) start to nickel and dime passen…err, patients

the folks at my health innovation are doing cool things: sharing low-cost low-tech ideas / on the more high-tech side, this car knows when you’re having a stroke / the ten most creative people in health care / we could all be more creative if we were just willing to fail a little more often / health care at the mall is not new, but Mayo at Mall of America is most likely not an excess space filler

lots of ideas for solving problems / here’s an action: in a brilliant move, GE is helping hospitals make health IT purchases through no interest loans / medical errors, design, calls to action: fuzzy medical error math shouldn’t make you feel better about an overnight stay in a hospital / here’s a plea: pursue perfection

AND/OR/PS: Little Red Riding Hood could have had health care troubles / was there obesity in antiquity? / in the spirit of transparency

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