Plea: Simplicity Please

A collection of collections from across the internet, health care related, during the previous week, and worth reading/viewing/listening.

a hospital locked out nurses after their union failed to withdraw a strike notification, that’s how the process works / patient-centered care champion Don Berwick wrote an article / here’s a related interview / and a rebuttal / it may not represent both sides of the lengthy spectrum, but it’s the two most rational endpoints / is your service this good? / why are men uncomfortable going to the doctor? / the Brits are in the midst of National Men’s Health Week, the 2009 edition focuses on access to services

economic side-effect: the number of Harvard graduates entering the health care industry doubled in 2009 / hopefully they’re into solving problems / action is preferred to planning, since very few of us are any good at the latter (the “planning fallacy”) / mostly because we don’t consider this / and we’re too detail oriented; so read the second half of this and be a better planner

it would be cool if discharge instructions were similar to BOFA’s Clarity Commitment / a lack of simplicity is likely due, in part, to the monstrous size of organizations involved / yes it’s difficult, but extremely powerful / here’s another (simple) plea: simplicity please

AND/OR/PS: 20% of Americans have peed in the pool, that can’t be healthy

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