Hey, at least we’re (mostly) happy. (Some of us, anyway.)

Time reports on Americans’ happiness with their jobs.

Aside from members of the clergy, the scale tops out at 57.7, that’s the percentage of workers who say they’re ‘very happy’ in the happiest category.  For health care, those who say they are ‘very happy:’

Physicians = 43.89%

Managers (health and medicine) = 42.5%

Registered Nurses = 36.29%

Radiology Techs = 34.6%

Lab Techs =33.2%

Licensed Practical Nurses = 30.6%

Physical Therapists = 30.3%

Nursing Aids and Orderlies = 28.3%

Pharmacists = 24.7%

Okay, so there is some room for improvement.

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