It’s (almost) all about women (or completely)

This book, according to TP (it’s been placed on my Amazon Wish List), says that women make 80 percent of the health care decisions.  There really is no point in arguing the point; +/- 20 points and your service offering should still focus on helping women make decisions.  This Department of Labor site claims the same statistic; it also says that women accounted for 60 percent of all expenses incurred at doctors’ offices in the fine year of 2004.

So when evidence starts to trickle out that men and women need different treatment for identical diagnoses, it’s no wonder that the health systems that “get it” are creating dedicated women’s health centers.  It makes great sense.

The government even gets it.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has deemed twenty academic medical centers National Centers of Excellence in Women’s Health to “serve as demonstration models for the Nation to provide innovative, comprehensive and integrated health care systems for women.”

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