Patient Experience Rundown

This post at Matter/Anti-Matter sums up nicely the poor patient experience often on display in health care settings:

  • First problem: Lack of efficient communication.
  • Second problem: Lack of personal touch.
  • Third problem: Bad office systems and technology.
  • Fourth problem: No advice.
  • Fifth problem: No prevention.

Here’s what happened:

About four weeks ago, I went for an annual physical and had standard blood work done. I was told to call back in a week, and of course I forgot. Today I had a message that said: “Hello, this is Dr. XX’s office, please call us back at xxx-xxx-xxxx.” That was it–the person didn’t identify herself and also didn’t say what the call was for. When I dialed the number, I was expecting to be told that I owed them money. But actually, the woman on the phone had no idea why she had called me. So I sat on hold, and finally she came back with my blood test results and rattled off a bunch of acronyms and numbers. I’m happy to report the results were good (at least that’s what she said), except my cholesterol was at 201 and it should be less than 200. Then the call ended.

That was it.

Broad generalization here: we’re capable of so much better.

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