The cure for panic is action

Bruce Sterling in his less than concise critique (it was originally a speech, via Boing Boing) of Web 2.0 at Webstock likens the 2.0 movement to the current perils of the financial world and literally says “The way we ran the world was wrong.”  But the speech touches much more than Web 2.0.  Here’s the pertinent health care quote:

The American health system is a market failure — and most other people’s health systems don’t make much commercial sense.

And now that the world’s problems (plentifully laid out in the speech) are coming to a head, change is coming:

I’ve never seen so much panic around me, but panic is the last thing on my mind. My mood is eager impatience. I want to see our best, most creative, best-intentioned people in world society directly attacking our worst problems. I’m bored with the deceit. I’m tired of obscurantism and cover-ups. I’m disgusted with cynical spin and the culture war for profit. I’m up to here with phony baloney market fundamentalism. I despise a prostituted society where we put a dollar sign in front of our eyes so we could run straight into the ditch.

The cure for panic is action. Coherent action is great; for a scatterbrained web society, that may be a bit much to ask. Well, any action is better than whining. We can do better.

I’m not gonna tell you what to do. I’m an artist, I’m not running for office and I don’t want any of your money. Just talk among yourselves. Grow up to the size of your challenges. Bang out some code, build some platforms you don’t have to duct-tape any more, make more opportunities than you can grab for your little selves, and let’s get after living real lives.

Opportunity arises in difficult situations and that opportunity is most definitely upon us.  The world needs an abundance of selfless problem solvers, health care too.  “The cure for panic is action.”

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