In: Gleaned Ideas

Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten of and authors of the new book The 100 Best Business Books of All Time (it’s a go to guide on key ideas from each “best” book) gleaned ten ideas from their recent work and used the forum at Fortune’s Postcards blog to share. My two favorites especially related to health care:

Any industry is ripe for reinvention. Billy Beane turned Major League Baseball upside down by using unusual metrics to evaluate talent when his team couldn’t compete with money. Michael Lewis’ Moneyball (2003) proves that all businesses are in danger of disruption. So you might as well do some of your own reinventing.

Be unreasonable. The cliché is that change is the only thing predictable in an unpredictable world. Charles Handy would disagree with this. He says that we’re living in The Age of Unreason (1990). Change is unpredictable. The best way to combat change? Become a changeling yourself.

Not only is baseball being turned upside down, but the NBA tooSo is bankingSo is health care.

Be unreasonable.  It rolls off the tongue and flies in the face of kumbaya. What great sentiment; don’t get comfortable, get moving.

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