Health care’s problems encapsulated

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports on several health care meets the internet stories, the first about a cardiology group where “cardiology patients can hop online to request prescription refills, check portions of their medical records or send questions about their conditions.”

Great, but get this:

Within a few years, the interventional cardiologist expects to be trading e-mails with patients and possibly holding real-time Web chats.

Within a few years?  Four words (“within a few years”) sum up health care’s issues.  The pace of change in health care is infuriating (speaking of years)…

On the positive side, much of the article is about American Well—especially their deal in Hawaii; also included is apt skepticism provided by old grumps.

An internet infusion at Mercy Medical Group provides a bit of traditional health care delivery hope:

The patients will be able see lab results, get information about X-rays and schedule appointments through an interactive calendar.

Patients can take a picture of a suspicious rash and send the image in an e-mail. Doctors can respond to an e-mail question about high cholesterol with links to health-related websites.

Surliness ceased…for now.

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