Ideas + Ideas + Ideas = Better Ideas

The internet is extremely good at sourcing ideas.  Ideas are good because they compound and build upon each other.  The organization 50 years ago was limited to idea sourcing coming from books, newspapers, relationships, conferences, etc.  That was fine, then.  Today, it doesn’t work like that.  Today’s idea sourcing occurs through the same channels—only now in an unlimited capacity.

And that’s cool.  Because, as mentioned previously, ideas build upon each other.  Reading other people’s ideas inspires personal ideation.  It’s a virtuous process.  The organization today is limited only by its own barriers.

Seth is conducting a very-non-traditional MBA program.  There are nine students and they have a blog here.

They came up with 999 business ideas and shared them.  Some are better than others, some are already around, some are truly ingenious.  It’s hard not to be inspired.  If you read through the list with a health care point of view it’s hard not to find much applicability.  Excerpted ideas appear below:

  • Consulting service that teaches companies how to improve their data visualization (use the right graphs and charts)
  • Brainstorm Consulting – Teach companies how to brainstorm
  • Create a website for non-profits and a list of their projects/needs and a similar list for foundations.
  • Meal delivery in hospitals
  • Surgery-specific recovery packs in hospital (if Sucrets and a can of cranberry juice is better than water & crackers, that pack exists)
  • A technology/service that Preachers/Rabbi’s/Clergy can use that creates a way to gather feedback during the service from the attendees.
  • A paperless hospital
  • Story Consulting – Help companies define and refine their story and teach them how to tell it
  • Service to teach doctors how to use technology to reach out to patients
  • Web-based devil’s advocate service for startups looking for someone to critique their ideas.
  • A non-profit that documents the stories told by elderly in nursing homes.
  • A personal education coach-they pick blogs, books, resources for you to learn based on your personal interests and career goals.  They gather all the materials and for you and make recommendations on the best way for learning the material.
  • Zappos Consulting – Teach companies how to deliver remarkable customer service and embed it in their culture

Go enjoy the list and find your own favorites.

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