No Medicare for you!

Anyone under 30 should fully expect to never see a Medicare dollar to help pay for health care when they reach the appropriate age.  As continued evidence of those slimming chances “60 Minutes” reported last night on an effort to increase both quantity and quality of life through Resveratrol—the substance found commonly in red wine:×3.swf
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The implications of an extended life are large for Medicare—even if the promises include a reduced prevalence of disease.  So any health care reform must be adaptable…isn’t that a big part of the problem now?  A reimbursement system founded on the health care delivery realities of 50+ years ago?  Science has advanced, the way we pay for that science needs to as well.

One thought on “No Medicare for you!

  1. If this is the future plight of our generation (which I believe it is) when it comes to Medicare (and Social Security for that matter), then let’s call a spade a spade, these programs will simply act as a marginal tax increase on the productive members of society given that the programs will likely be means-tested in the future. Just think, what was once marketed as retirement safety nets for all by the proponets of The New Deal and The Great Society, will become another way to “spread the wealth around”. I understand that these scenarios may be inevitable, and I am not mad about that, but given this possibility, shouldn’t we be taking a hard look at how we can lessen the tax burdens on individuals elsewhere to balance this out? Maybe, but I get the feeling Joe Biden would not consider that scenario very patriotic.


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