Getting past transparency as punishment

From The Plain Dealer:

“I’m very upset about it,” said state Rep. Linda Bolon, a Democrat from Columbiana County, who said her father died from a hospital-acquired infection three years ago.

As she should be.  The Ohio legislature created the Hospital Measures Advisory Council in 2006 to work on transparency:

A state panel in August recommended a long list of measures that would add Ohio to a growing number of states requiring public disclosure of hospital infections. The proposal also gives consumers important information about whether hospitals monitor hand-washing among staff, whether workers are vaccinated against flu, and how well facilities staff infection-control programs.

However, the Ohio Hospital Association has recently backed legislation that threatens the “milestone effort to inform consumers about certain hospital infections and whether facilities follow practices to reduce infection rates” and “gut the proposal and hamstring the panel from making future recommendations.”

Troubling.  We need to get past the perception that transparency is going to hurt hospitals.  It will hurt bad hospitals.  Transparency will only aid quality improvement efforts.

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