The trouble with naming products

Patient kiosks are hot in health care right now. The expectation, among others, is that they will improve registration process flow. Checking in at the airport using a kiosk is easy; it would be nice to have a similar experience in a health care setting. While the new technology is far from refined, expect the proliferation of such devices to continue.

That’s not really the point of this post, however. The branding of such products is.

medGadget reports on the latest entry to the patient kiosk market: SUKIT.

The device hails from Japan and while I’m not real sure on Japanese/English pronunciation translation, it becomes obvious that some component of the branding was lossed in translation. If you haven’t picked up what I’m putting down yet: take SUKIT, insert a C after the U and before the K, throw a space between the K and the I, and how is that pronounced? SUCK IT.


From the press release:

This electronic healthcare information system, the first practical application of the kiosk terminal, allows doctors, hospitals and other caregivers to provide their patients with easy access to all types of useful information regarding health and medicine, while at the same time creating an interactive communication channel. For example, patients can use the kiosk terminal to research the contra-indications and side effects of specific medicines, to find out new medical products and services available on the market, or to set up a medical appointment.

The company’s explanation of the product doesn’t provide anything Earth shattering either. The last thing I want to do is explore drug interactions and check out new products and services available on the market from the discomfort of a kiosk. Isn’t that what a personal computer and a home internet connection are for?

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